Five Ways to Use Periscope for Business

16th August 2016

Mobile live streaming is becoming an extremely popular way of marketing your business and tapping into an even wider audience. Periscope is one of many platforms for live streaming and it is one of the most popular choices out there.


Periscope is a live video streaming app which works with both iOS and Android and it is owned by Twitter. By August 2015 it surpassed over 10 million accounts in just four months of operation and this number continues to grow. It is a clever tool for inviting customers and connections inside your business and giving them an even closer look at how you work and getting a buzz going around your products and company. Here we’re looking at just five ways you can effectively use Periscope for your business:

1.    Live Product Demos

If you have a business which is based on products or you are launching a new product, then show it off live on Periscope. It’s a great way of doing an interactive product demonstration and you can answer any product queries that come up as you go and showcase the best features of your product, highlighting exactly why your customers need it in their life.

2.    Share Relevant News

Whether there’s a big news story in your company or something more pertinent to the wider industry, jump on Periscope and share your thoughts. Periscope is a fantastic way of sharing breaking news to your online company before it can be written down and released by the media. A good blog post is great but if it follows a fantastic live announcement it will pick up even more readers. Periscope is a great place for discussing market trends, answering customer questions and discussing your business. You can then follow up with the blog post or article which puts your discussion down in writing for anyone who missed the live stream.

3.    Connect with Influencers and Followers

Periscope can be used to connect with influential people in your industry. Show up to their broadcasts, ask questions and make comments and make sure you invite them to your broadcasts too. You can share their broadcasts to further show support and you may find they share yours too, helping to grow your reputation in your sector. It can help you to develop real rapport and build relationships with leaders in your industry which could prove fruitful in time.

4.    Go Behind the Scenes

Customers and clients love to have a nose about your premises or behind the scenes at your business so give them a chance. With Periscope you can connect with your audience on a personal level and show them life behind the social media posts. Perhaps begin with a Q&A on Periscope to find out what your audience want to see and if possible, show them! Maybe they want a trip around your office, a sneak peek at the stock room or even a look at your development department. Giving your audience a little look behind the scene can help them warm to your company and provides them with something to remember whenever they see your business name.

5.    Build your Email List

All businesses should be looking for ways to boost their email lists and Periscope can also be used to do this. You can ask your audience to leave their email addresses in the comments if they want to sign up and when asking “in person” you can see the number of people actually leaving their addresses increase. Once you’ve got the addresses you can add them into your database and there’s an immediate boost to your mailing list.

Periscope is one of the newer and more innovative social channels you can incorporate into your business. The benefits are highly dependent on how much you put in but if you’re looking to invest in new social media channels and live streaming whilst it’s hot, Periscope is a good choice.

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