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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Email gives you a direct line to your customers and email marketing is a must for any serious business looking to engage with their customer base and encourage them back for more.

We are completely committed to Email Marketing at Crush and our 16 years’ experience ensures we know exactly what we’re doing and have only grown our offering and our satisfied clients list over this time. We’ve provided email marketing for nearly 200 different clients and delivered fantastic results every time.

Email Marketing at Crush is carried out using our own proprietary email marketing and management tool, Mail Interactive. Mail Interactive is extremely user-friendly and allows our clients to create, deliver, monitor and analyse their email marketing campaigns with ease.

Email marketing is a key part of your online strategy and with Crush you will be provided with your own personalised account so you can manage your client database and schedule your mailshots to target different groups within your database and to signal particular information, big promotions or whatever you want to broadcast.

Email marketing is direct, instantaneous and allows you to communicate on a personal level with your customers. Building up good rapport with your customers and potential customers helps to build trust in your brand and encourages them to return to your site and spend more.

Mail Interactive incorporates detailed reports as well as delivering your campaigns so you can analyse the results of each campaign and make any necessary changes to improve. For more information about our full range of email marketing solutions please visit Mail Interactive.