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Snapchat for Business

30th June 2016

Snapchat has become a huge deal for social media users and this has meant it has become equally important for businesses. It has 100 million active daily users and 65% of these users share content every single day. It combines a wide range of different features including live text, chat and video calls and it […]

The Rise of Digital Assistants

10th June 2016

You’re probably already acquainted with Siri, Cortana or Google, the big names in voice-activated digital assistant technology. It’s likely you’ve asked one of these intuitive digital assistants at least one question or you may already be using them in your daily life, for business and personal uses. Smart devices and their digital assistants are becoming […]

Using Photography on your Site

17th May 2016

There is no questioning how effective visual content is online and a photograph really can be a high value part of your site, but only if its presented properly and used in the right way. Most websites do not use online photography effectively and their images actually do more harm than done. Quality photography on […]