Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC - Pay Per Click Campaigns
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PPC - Pay Per Click Campaigns

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an effective advertising system which targets searchers by displaying ads whenever they type in relevant keywords to a search engine. Skilful PPC management makes this type of advertising effective because it is so targeted you are only paying for advertising relevant to your business.

As a cutting edge provider of complete online strategies, Crush has developed an expert understanding of effective PPC and we are experienced in managing PPC across many different platforms including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Overture and MS Adcenter.

Effective advertising relies upon regular monitoring to ensure your campaigns are working and with Crush you have regular checks and consistent monitoring of your campaigns so you don’t need to worry about them. We provide weekly Pay Per Click Reports so you can see where your budget is going and choosing us at your strategy partner ensures that your money is only being spent on effectively targeted campaigns which deliver results.

We use Google Analytics and other monitoring software to view all traffic that visits your site, including that from PPC ads and we can look at exactly where they travel when on your site. We regularly carry out trials on ad copy, keyword optimisation and bidding strategies to effectively manage your PPC campaigns and ensure you’re getting great value for money every time and the results keep coming in.

We also have the added bonus of international experience and the ability to manage PPC campaigns in multiple languages if required, further enhancing the potential of your ad campaigns.