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17th March 2016

If you want to ensure your email marketing campaign is as successful as it can be then it is worth keeping a few pointers in mind. Nothing is cut and dry and you may find occasions where your particular campaign needs to deviate from these basic rules but in most instances if you keep these six dos and don’ts in mind you’ll be on your way to an effective email marketing campaign.


Send a Welcome Email

Your new subscribers need to feel wanted and they expect something a little extra. They are the most likely users to be engaging with your content but they are also the most likely to get easily annoyed and unsubscribe. Don’t put your new subscribers on the same list as everyone else, ensure they get a welcome email or even a full welcoming campaign that lasts at least a few weeks, introducing them to everything you offer.

Send out Reminders

It isn’t always the first email that gets the most clicks. Yes, you may get some respondents to your first mention of a great offer or a new promotion but there will be other people whose interest has been piqued but they forget to click or can’t at that moment so sending out a well-timed reminder or two doesn’t hurt, as long as they’re unique and well written. You may find that you get half the responses again from your original email and even more if you’re lucky, especially if you’re sending out reminders towards the end of an offer and a sense of urgency sets in.

Make use of Cart Recovery Emails

If you have an e-commerce website or even a shop of some sort built into your website to sell your services, it’s really handy to send out cart recovery email. Evidence suggests nearly 70% of all online shopping baskets are abandoned and therefore the need for a quality cart recovery programme has never been more important. Just have an email ready giving potential customers a quick nudge about their basket and you may generate more sales.

Don’t be a Spammer

Possibly the golden rule of email marketing but very easy to forget, don’t overload your subscribers because they’ll soon be switching you off. You don’t need to send out an email every day or even every other day. If there’s something important happening, make sur everyone knows but always think whether something would be better suited in your regular newsletter first. You don’t want to annoy your readership.

Don’t forget Mobile

Everything needs to be responsive in 2016 and this includes your email marketing campaigns. Plenty of people only open their emails on their mobiles now or open them there first and only save those ones which seem worth saving so if yours doesn’t pass muster and isn’t fully responsive for them to access and enjoy your content, you can expect more users hitting the unsubscribe button.

Make it easy to Unsubscribe

Of course you don’t want to lose your subscribers but if people want to leave them you need to make it a straightforward process for them. Elongating the process will only serve to frustrate them further and it make result in the user deciding to report you as spam or mentioning you unfavourably on social media or even to friends. Even those users who don’t want to stick around should receive your premium service.

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