Snapchat for Business

30th June 2016

Snapchat has become a huge deal for social media users and this has meant it has become equally important for businesses. It has 100 million active daily users and 65% of these users share content every single day. It combines a wide range of different features including live text, chat and video calls and it allows businesses to supercharge their mobile marketing efforts.

Snaps only last a short amount of time so it is a great way for businesses to tease and build interest in their brands and here are five ways you can use Snapchat effectively for your business:

  • Product Teasers

Using Snapchat as part of your mobile marketing strategy is ideal at product launch time. It is a great tool for teasing customers with hints and flashes of your newest product, new branding or whatever you have to offer. The short snaps will mean that buzz is built around your launch and there is plenty of interest when the full launch happens.

  • Show Personality

Snapchat is all about being casual and informal and there’s no space for any corporate, professional style. You’ve got to keep it consistent with your brand identity definitely, but you’ve also got to keep it fun, bright and vibrant. Offer as much action as you can but show the personality behind your brand.

  • Behind The Scenes

Give your Snapchat viewers the chance to see something a bit special. If you show them some behind the scenes footage and make it a serious exclusive, not on any other social media channel, those who catch the snap will feel seriously special. This helps build your brand’s personality, shows your sense of fun and gives those who are paying attention a chance for a bit of insider knowledge.

  • Collaborate

Snapchat is ruled by the same young social media influencers as all other channels so take the chance to collaborate with them. Partner with influencers relevant to your brand and very quickly you can spread awareness of your company and tap into a market area which usually gets missed through traditional marketing methods.

Snapchat gives companies the chance to easily tap into the younger market demographic and many companies are already using it creatively to great success. It is being used by business owners and brands in almost every sector so if you’re interested in tapping into the most prolific and popular new social media channel, there will be a space for your brand.

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