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Tim Berners-Lee 60 today

8th June 2015

Happy birthday Sir Tim! Tim Berners-Lee, who celebrates his 60th birthday today, is one of the UK’s most famous and lauded computer scientists, credited for the invention of the World Wide Web. It was Berners-Lee’s system which allows us to view the web today. Berners-Lee is also a director for the World Wide Web Consortium […]

A introduction to Responsive design techniques

24th July 2012

The world is going mobile, more and more people and moving away from desktop in favour for smartphones and tablets when it comes to browsing the web. Various studies show that the mobile usage of the web will be higher than from the desktop within the next 2 to 5 years. A recent study, showed […]

The future of the web, a HTML5 tutorial

23rd July 2012

INTRODUCTION Are you still struggling with strict version of XHTML or HTML4 markup. Please stop ! I would you to take advantage of working with HTML5. Let’s start right away ! First of all it’s easy to learn. Especially if you were writing in strict XHTML, because it’s fully compatible with HTML5. It’s just a matter of upgrading […]