Team Crush Day Out

22nd June 2011

When our MD heard the wonderful news he could think no better way of celebrating then taking the team on a staff day out. Our Senior Designer Andy Cetnarskyj is tying the knot next month and as he is one of the more active members of Team Crush, canoeing in Loch Venachar on Friday went down a treat.

As this was a surprise a lot of planning went behind keeping Andy in the loop, when everyone arrived in their shorts and running shoes the expression on the soon-to-be groom was priceless. The team got through a whole day of canoeing along the peaceful river, a number of team-building games were played, and finally ending the day with a well deserved drink.

It was a successful day with many laughs and embarrassing photographic evidence.

We wish Andy all the best in the years ahead.

Team Crush

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