What makes great Online Branding?

10th March 2016

Building an online brand takes serious vision and means you need to spend some time working out what your business needs to transform it into a recognisable and iconic brand. Brand marketing can be tricky as it’s very easy to focus on the wrong things which is why this post is designed to show you what makes great online branding and what you need to avoid.


What your Brand Isn’t

It is very easy to make your brand into something that it isn’t. By this we mean you focus on something which makes up part of its identity but isn’t the be all and end all. Often you may fixate on something like the name, the logo, the mission statement or the colours chosen for your branding. Of course all of these things are relevant for creating your identity but they’re not enough on their own. These features are all part of the execution and representation of your brand, but there is something missing.

What your Brand is

Your brand most about your perspective in the market and your philosophy than the pictures and colours you choose. What matters is your story, the passion for your service or product and your ability to position your features mentioned above to truly show the central meaning and ethos of your business. Below are some of the things you can do to make sure your online branding is the best it can be.

Stand Out

What is your business all about? What drives it and was are you passionate about? The passion is what sits at the heart of your brand and it is key to showing your customers exactly what you have to offer and convincing them that your different and worth spending their time and money on. If you are passionate about your core business, then you can drive it forward.

Understanding your own passion allows you to share it with others and use it to influence your brand identity and even the brand design. You need to stand out, take a stand and show your dedication and commitment to your brand, and then people will start taking notice.

Share your Promise

Once you have shared your passion and shared your brand’s key promise then it’s time to get it out there. Brand storytelling and sharing is essential if you want to attract the customers in and this is where you need to invest time and money. Use all of your resources, channels and budget where possible to push your promise as the market may be interested but they’re unlikely to share it on your behalf. Telling your story and sharing your brand promise allows interested parties to feel like you’re trusting them with something special but also that you owe them something and then you can wow them when it comes to delivery.

Don’t just Speak: Act

It’s all well and good sharing your promise and passion with your potential customers but you also need to act on it. You must deliver your promise or your whole brand will be discredited before it’s even got off the ground. Your brand is dependent on your actions so you have to follow through on every promise and this means offering great products or great service or both! If you want your brand to be believed, then you have to be seen to be doing more than just waxing lyrical about it. A fantastic logo with no actual substance behind it is practically useless.

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