Digital Crystal Ball for 2016

27th January 2016

Many of the digital trends we expect to see in 2016 are a development of the work Crush are already doing, but in the next 12 months the new developments will come into their own. There are also plenty of old constants too which can’t be forgotten and remain as important as ever. Below are our predictions for the next 12 months and all of them are worth keeping in mind for your digital strategy in 2016.

Content Keeps Top Spot
Nothing is as valuable to your business’ online growth and digital strategy as the content you produce. Developing and creating quality content should remain your top priority in the next year, whatever industry you are in. Effective content will help to keep current customers interested and loyal and will also attract newcomers along the way. Establishing an authoritative voice and a clear content style for your brand helps to cement its identity.

The Content Marketing Institute carried out surveys across North America and found that even B2B businesses (86% of all questioned) recognised the need for a specific content marketing strategy. This is a clear indicator that businesses who don’t yet have a dedicated content marketing strategy – or budget – need one to remain relevant.

Use your Data Wisely
(Big) data has become (big) news in 2015 as more and more businesses have found new ways to tap into their data mines and use what’s in there in a more effective way to deliver a personalised experience to their existing customers. Anything from tailored recommendations in eCommerce email newsletters to landing pages which offer up personalised elements when you sign into their site, the data consumers provide can be used effectively to give them an experience they remember. The most agile brands out there are already ensuring this personalised experience is offered but more and more companies are recognising what their data can do and connecting what they have about a customer with their online experience is something we will see much more of in 2016.

Responsive as Standard
If your business isn’t already making use of the sophisticated automation tools within their digital strategy, then 2016 is the time to make it happen. In the right hands, web design is an art form but the development of smart technologies which can provide quicker, more effective results means some elements of your digital strategy must look (and work) well across a huge variety of devices and screen sizes.

Mobile and tablet traffic has been steadily on the increase for a few years. In 2016 we expect to see this trend continue and the % visitor sessions of traditional desktop computers fall – in some cases well below 50%.

Consumers are more discerning and able to access what you’ve got to offer even more readily. It has led to the development of what digital experts are calling ‘glance-able marketing’ as users make quick fire decisions about websites and companies need to make their message clear, immediate and engaging.

In a physical sense this means more businesses will integrate their digital offering with their physical presence (where applicable) so in-store experiences will be as personalised as what their websites offer. The two environments are being blended in a way to ensure that consumers always get what they want, from checking stock in advance of visiting a store to scouting specific items across a range of stores through apps dedicated specific types of item such as books or tech.

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