Our Newest Contracts

22nd February 2011

Once again it’s been a busy month for all the team here at Crush. We thought we’d share just a couple of our latest projects; if anything catches your eye, tell us – who knows what exciting things await your site.

D. J. Manning is an auction, removals and storage house based in Bo’ness. Their site is due a face-lift and Crush are happy to be working with them to ensure that all aspects of their business are well promoted and highly accessible throughout the site. The new site will have increased functionality in the auction department, allowing site users to download and search through comprehensive catalogues, which will be automatically generated from D. J. Manning’s off-line CRM database.

We’re also installing telephone tracking for Watermans Solicitors onto their site, whichWatermans homepage we built last year. This will allow Watermans to monitor the number of calls generated from online marketing. Dynamic telephone numbers will be used to change the phone number displayed on Watermans’ website when a visitor clicks through from a referring site. Each number is unique, allowing Watermans to track with precision which of their referral or affiliate sites brings them the biggest ROI.

Working with Glidden Design, Crush have also just finished adding a multi-lingual page ‘switch’ on Durolane’s Luxembourg site. We’ve integrated three flag icons – French, German and Dutch – along the header of the Luxembourg site. These icons are accessible from all internal pages, enabling site users to switch the language within the site, without having to return to the home page or use the ‘select your country’ function. This makes it easier for Durolane’s clients to navigate quickly around the site in the language in which they are most competent. See for yourself how it works: here.

Having seen the success of the multi-lingual page ‘switch’ on the Durolane Luxembourg site, Crush have been contracted by Glidden Design to do the same for another of Smith and Nephew’s products: Exogen’s Canadian site. Watch out for updates on this project as we integrated three more multi-lingual flags to this website.

Accident ToolkitAccident Toolkit is a simple Android application designed for use in road traffic accidents. The simple, two-page brochure site was the first Crush had built for an iPhone app and they’ve asked us to update the site with a unique demo video. The video is designed toguide you through the process of using Accident Toolkit; it’s free to download and we highly recommend it.

Both the Caley Sample Room and the Cambridge Bar are due to go live soon, so keep an eye on our blog for more details. We’re also looking to launch ELT Consultant’s new website soon, which we built in conjunction with Mamook Graphic. As always, you’ll hear it here first!

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