Google Analytics Seminar Online

12th October 2010

Earlier this year, back in the days when we were still Work Interactive, Crush hosted a one-day seminar. The subject, was Google Analytics; a free, web analytics tool we use on all our clients websites, which helps us to create more effective sites and increase our clients return on investment (ROI) on their marketing campaigns.

Two members of our team got up and bravely faced the audience to explain the ins and outs of the tool and how it could be used to improve their digital marketing success. Whilst they talked, we recorded, and the resulting footage will be posted here on our blog in a four-part series over the forthcoming weeks.

These are the first videos we’ve created since re-branding to Crush; we hope you like them and find them useful. The conference was an outstanding success and we’re already busy planning our next one, billed for November. If you want to know more about making your site work for you, contact us to reserve your place on the next Crush Seminar. We’ll be sending out more information over the next couple of weeks – so keep an eye on the blog for further details.

[vimeo 15132466]

You can read all the presentation slides in full at Slideshare.

Google Analytics Seminar – part 1

[slideshare id=5741506&doc=presentationpart-1-101111064920-phpapp01]

Video shot by Photocomedia; many thanks for all your hard work.

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