Rafa Visits Team Poland

11th October 2010

Polish Office

The morning after the night before

At the beginning of the month, on a cold and misty morning, we gave Rafa a bag and passport then sent him packing to Poland. With strict instructions to report back on their progress and do some work himself, it seems he spent more time sampling Poland’s famous drink and taking photos.

However, late nights and bleary eyes aside, it would seem that Team Poland have been up to quite a bit. Lukasz and Tomasz have been busy working on a new version of our Content Management System (CMS), to make it even easier for our clients to use. It’s sleek, simple and clean, with green tabs to direct you to the correct page and information buttons in case you need reminding what data you need to put in. It’s easier than ever to upload photos and we’ve improved the text editor too.

Team Poland with Munro

Munro shows the office who is boss

When not busily revising the CMS, Team Poland have been building the back ends for our newest clients – Company Growth, Wannaburger, The Caley Sample Room and The Cambridge Bar. Yes, it has certainly been a crazy time for the guys but they’re producing top quality work, which never fails to impress our clients.

When not busy coding and programming, Lukasz and Tomasz – with the help of Munro the Springer Spaniel – made sure Rafa experienced the best Poland has to offer; top quality vodka.

Maybe that explains the blurry photo…?

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