Writing Memorable Copy

1st October 2014

Writing Memorable Copy for Sales and E-commerce Websites

The time and effort you put into setting up and stocking your e-commerce website is likely to have been sizeable. A fantastic looking site that functions perfectly is one thing but it’s defunct if the copy doesn’t match up. It’s very easy to overlook your product descriptions but to do so could be disastrous. Yes, it may only be a line or two of text but unique product descriptions can increase your conversion rates considerably.

Chances are you’re not the only person selling the product lines you’ve chosen so how do you differentiate yourself? It’s all in the copy. Here are some tips to help ensure your sales copy stands out against the crowd.

1. Know your Audience
You have got to know your audience, you’ve got to know them inside out and from this point, you’ll be able to target your copy accordingly. Men are different from women, arts and crafts obsessives are different from tech enthusiasts and wherever your products are positioned and whoever you plan to market them to, you need to style your copy in that way.  A good trick for doing this is to visualise your perfect customer, exactly within your target range and give them a back story. Once you have this person in your mind you can write your copy for them and when reading back you’ll be surprised how compelling it can be.

2. Short and Sweet
Sales copy and product descriptions are naturally short but it’s imperative that you stick to some basic rules. However technical the product, steer clear of jargon and technical specs in your main description. Marketing speak needs to be left out too, avoid talking about ‘solutions’ and ‘problem-solving’ and stick closely to the product in hand and tell it like it is, not omitting why it’s the best of the best.

3. Benefits First, Features Second
Much like we’ve said technical specifications need to wait until later, this is often true of the general features of your product or products. The benefits simply must come first, you need to put it out there, as efficiently and concisely as possible, exactly why this product is the best there is, why does your target customer need it? Once you’ve described its benefits, how it will make your customers feel, how they can use it and when they can use it, you can move onto the basic features.

4. Strength of Storytelling
Some products lend themselves to a more whimsical style of copy. If you can, have a little fun with your content and inject a little personality. This can help break the disconnect between you and your target customers and adding a personal twist can really be the selling point which makes customers click buy.

5. Be Original
It is very easy to simply visit the website of the company who designed or owns your product and copy and paste their text. A huge number of resellers do this and nothing else and expect the products to sell. Not only are you compromising the uniqueness of your website, you aren’t giving your customers any added value. Why should they choose you if you have nothing original to say about these products you profess to love?

If you want to take your sales copy to the next level and increase your conversions then keep these tips in mind and you’ll soon see more interest and more sales.

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