Which Web Browser?

12th August 2011

Top Five BrowsersYour browser is the most used programme on your computer – be it desktop, laptop, or even smart phone. Few give a second thought to the type of browser they use, settling with the default pre-installed browser.

But, why settle for second best? Your browser is your key to the internet so the better the browser, the better your experience on the web. There are now a host of browsers available, each with special features and the latest technology designed to simplify and enhance your surfing online.

Everyone has an opinion on web browsers – some more analytical than others. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a browser, but there are several criteria to bear in mind when choosing the right browser for you.

Speed – how fast does the browser take to load a page? How fast is the internet connection (both Wi-Fi and broadband)?

Compatibility – is the browser compatible with all websites? Does it open all pages correctly i.e. without error messages or unloaded images? Many websites still us Flash and add-ons – is your browser flexible enough to handle this?

Security – this is one of the most important aspects of web browsing. Does the browser protect against pop-ups, viruses, phishing? Can you clear all your personal information? Some browsers give you the option to ‘auto-fill’ forms such as address and email address – but it is important that this option can be turned off and the information erased; especially if you re-sell your computer.

Ease of use – how intuitive is the browser? Is it easy to navigate around – regardless of your level of web experience?

Feature set – the best browsers offer a list of features that aim to distinguish them from competitors and provide a more practical, intuitive experience. Recent features include tabbed browsing, thumbnail previews, integrated search engine, RSS feeds, and voice interaction.

This list is just the beginning… If you’re starting to think it may be time for a browser change, come back next week when we’ll be looking at the top browsers currently available.

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