Is your Website Christmas Ready?

30th November 2015

Christmas 2015 is a time when you may see your business soar, it is a seasonal peak for businesses in many industries and so the more you can do to be prepared, the better. The internet will be absolutely packed with people primed to spend and you need to make sure your website is ready and waiting for them to dive in and find everything they need.

Here are four straightforward ways you can ensure your site is ready for Christmas custom.

Optimise Product Pages

Whether you have a physical product or a service on sale you need to make sure your product pages are fully optimised. Have your keywords worked in and make sure your product pages are perfect from a product perspective. This includes looking at your navigation interface, it should be straightforward where the basket is, how to buy an item and how to access the checkout when it’s time to pay. Secondly, it is important to make sure your USPs shine – make them stand out and make them visible on every page of your site.  Where possible you should also include upselling opportunities such as providing easy links from areas such as electronics to batteries and cooking appliances to recipe books.

Get Festive with your Design

It may seem a little cheesy but if it’s in keeping with your brand it doesn’t hurt to add a little festive charm to your site’s design. Your front end design can reflect the Christmas season effectively and in a way that shows your customers you care. Designing a festive look for your site shows your customer that you’re aware of the peak periods and you know how important the period is. It helps instil trust in your brand.

Offer Attractive Seasonal Offers

It isn’t just January when people expect a good deal these days and many shoppers will be looking for exclusive Christmas deals and special offers so make sure you’re ready for them. Use social media to promote those best offers and engage with your customers. If you notice someone looking for a certain product and it’s amongst your lines, tell them! They’ll thank you for it and it doesn’t come across as too pushy.

Don’t Forget your Metrics

There is no point being all ready for Christmas if you’re not going to monitor the success of your campaign. Make sure you have your analytics, measurements and metric tools all setup to capture your campaign and see what works and what doesn’t so you’re ready for next year or can make tweaks mid-season. Tools like Google Analytics are particularly handy and give you real insight into the successes and failures of your seasonal site.

Preparing your website for the festive season and getting it Christmas ready can be the difference between a bumper year and a festive season to forget.

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