Crush Launch Synergy Bureau

15th September 2010

Crush are proud to announce their first site launched under their new brand name Crush.

Synergy Bureau, like Crush, is a “digital only” provider of dynamic print solutions for a large number of sectors and industries. Having previously worked with Synergy on one of their child sites, the Schoolcardshop, we had experience working with this client and knew that we could help them resolve the issues they were having with their current site.

Synergy Homepage Snapshop

Synergy came to us with a brief to redesign their site to target an enterprise level market, which would benefit from their cutting edge digital print solutions. Chris and Andy spent a morning at the company’s Livingston-based plant learning about their current production methods and future technology they plan to bring in over the next 12 months.

The research trip was the basis for the new site design and build which is a clean, simple, minimal layout with some quirky and attractive images. The overall aim of the new design was to give a concise overview of what Synergy offers with some bright and eye catching imagery to maintain the users attention.

You can visit the sites and see the results for yourself : Synergy Bureau Website

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