Crush Launch Euro PD 2011

25th January 2011

The website for the 10th European Peritoneal Dialysis Meeting in 2011 (conveniently shortened to Euro PD) is live.

The website is one of several Crush have built for exhibition and events’ organisers, In Conference, an Edinburgh based company. Other sites we’ve built for them include the International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering (IFHTSE) website and the European Zebrafish Meeting website, both of which were launched in late 2010.

Since In Conference require so many websites for their clients, we built a special whitelabel (or CMS framework) specific to their needs with additional bespoke modules integrated on top. The whitelabel acts as a template, with certain modules universal to all of In Conference’s clients, such as abstracts, speakers, programme, venue and FAQs. This gives them the flexibility and scope to base all their individual conferences on this one system.Euro PD site

Using this template means that Crush can easily adapt the CMS framework for each conference site, personalising the details for In Conference’s clients. These changes are mostly design based, like modifying the colour theme or moving a call to action; however they are all simply alterations that cut down on the development time so we can produce the websites within a tight timeframe and at the minimum cost to In Conference.

As a result, the Europ PD meeting 2011 website is designed around the Euro PD logo, using green and shades of grey as the key colours. By contrast, the IFHTSE website features heavy red and black accents as taken from their logo, whilst the Zebrafish website is softer, drawing on the green and blue colours that dominate the Zebrafish logo.

Using the whitelabel enables us to produce great looking, simple websites without scrimping on functionality or style; look out for other sites based on this being put live soon.

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