Inside Crush p. 4 – Digital Marketing Services

6th October 2010

Last week we explained how there are many different ways in which to optimise your website and market it online: off-site Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), including link-building and Vertical Blogger; affiliate marketing; Pay Per Click (PPC); and Social Media Marketing (SMM). We’ve already discussed basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so over the next three weeks we’ll be focusing on the rest.

Off-site SEO is all about building links with other sites on the web to increase your visibility on Google. The more you can link to secondary sites, the better, because it creates something which our marketers like to call link juice or Google credibility. Having link juice means you’ll rank higher in Google’s (and other search engines) search engine results, increasing visibility and getting more information about you out on the web. Definitely something you want to have and you get it through creating vertical link building campaigns with Vertical Blogger.

Vertical Blogger works by bringing agencies and bloggers together. Advertisers create a campaign and choose which sector they are targeting. Bloggers then write their article including the advertisers’ keywords and post it onto their blog. Advertisers view the blog and accept it, at which point the blogger gets paid for their article and the blog goes live. Other bloggers read it and click on the agencies keywords, directing them to the clients’ site. It’s a great system whereby clients’ can increase brand exposure through managing multiple campaigns whilst reaching an international audience. What’s more, bloggers like it because they benefit from an additional income on their blogs for writing about things they like.

Vertical Blogger Screenshots

For clients who sell their products through the site, we also recommend affiliate marketing. This is the process whereby clients’ advertise their product on an affiliate site according to their market, for instance The Fine Wine Company for wine retailers. In doing this, your company name and products becomes more visible, and traffic to your site will increase is it is directed from the affiliate site to yours. The affiliate site acts in other words, as a middle man, creating a different avenue to link you to your customers.

So that’s SEO both on and off site explained as well as affiliate marketing, with a bit of link building and Vertical Blogger thrown in on the way. Next week is the last in our online marketing blogs and in Part Five: Digital Marketing Services 2 we’ll be looking at PPC and SMM.

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