Can your clients find you?

23rd November 2011

Can your clients find you?

You’ve built a fantastic web-site and it says all the right things to all of your prospective customers. But if these very people can’t find you, what good is that going to do to your business? There are millions upon millions of web-sites out there so how do you get found in a web search with all that competition?
Search Engine Optimisation is the most effective way to ensure you get to the top of the Search Engine rankings. The higher you are up the search rankings, the more the prospective client will click through to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

There are various ways that your website can move up the rankings. Here are 3 ways;

Keywords: It’s possible to find the words and phrases that people are using to search for websites in your sector. Some will be more popular than others – and obviously the more popular will have greater competition with other websites. However, by identifying these words and phrases, you can ensure that you have a good chance of success by using them in your website content and page indexing.

Dynamic content: If the content of your site changes often, the search engines will reindex your pages more frequently. This doesn’t mean that you have to rewrite your site regularly – but many websites now have news, blogging and social media connections which act as a trigger for the search engines to notice your website.

Backlinks: You may use Email Marketing activities. Anything that has links back to your website gives a greater chance of search engine recognition.

How many visitors is enough?

Is SEO the answer? Well, yes and no. Give it time and it will work, but it does take time to get the right visitors. And it’s not always about volume. As a business owner/manager, you are looking for customers. If you just get volume of the wrong visitors, then that won’t really help.

Unfortunately, it does mean that SEO is a task that is never finished. The web is constantly changing, customers change, your competitors change and you must be ready to change with them. Digital marketing is no different to any other kind of marketing in that respect.

How could Crush help you?

We only work in digital. We only ever have worked in digital. That means, with a heritage of 12 years in the business (a lifetime in this industry) we know what we are doing and can support our clients to deliver results from their website. For further information see our website or call 0845 658 1657 for a chat.

Expect the impossible but don’t rely on hope or miracles, this is long term marketing, be patient, be prepared to review and adapt and use expert help to deliver results.

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