YouTube for Your Business

30th January 2015

Social media marketing has been growing and evolving in many different directions but one of the leading channels which has exploded with interest is video. Specifically YouTube video but any video which adds dynamic content to your website, your ad campaign or product promotion. Video gives you the opportunity to show off your people or products in a genuine and effective way, as well as connecting with new and current customers in a way which speaks directly to them.

Watching a video is much quicker and more engaging than reading a page of text and often conveys the same message. Many customers prefer to find out about products and services this way. Here are some key reasons you should incorporate a YouTube channel into your marketing strategy:

  1. Video content is capable of boosting SEO
  2. Video content affirms your brand message and position in the market
  3. Video content furthers the audience of potential customers you can access
  4. Video content is relatively easy and cost effective to product
  5. Video content is ideal for mobile users

With all these benefits, giving YouTube a go is a step forward for your business and below are some top tips for making sure your video content is effective.

Regular Updated Content

The most popular YouTube channels are those which are regularly updated and offer high volumes of worthwhile content. Create a calendar for your content and ensure that you stick to it, letting your audience know they can expect a video every week, fortnight or month. Whether you opt for product promotions, webinars or even a series of informational posts, keeping it consistent and importantly keeping it coming will ensure your audience numbers swell.

If you embed YouTube videos on your own site, then the fresh content will also help the site’s levels of user engagement.

YouTube logo

YouTube logo

Customise your YouTube Channel

Visitors to your YouTube Channel will want to see some of your business personality. Each channel has its own page and you can customise this to give it your brand image, in keeping with your website and other online profiles. You can add information about your company, links out to relevant information such as your website and ensure its inviting to your customers and potential customers.

Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Just because it’s video content doesn’t mean you can forget the basic marketing essentials of putting content together. This includes a good call to action and including these in the video, through text boxes or even through the video itself. It could be you want them to click on the link to buy in the video description or it could be simply commenting on the video or sharing it to get more attention. Be clear what you want you want from your audience.

Tag and Title Effectively

To get the most traffic you need to get specific. People can search YouTube in the same way they use Google and therefore they’ll be looking for keywords relating to whatever they have in mind.


YouTube search for "cat videos"

YouTube search for “cat videos”

A title such as ‘A Review of our Product’ means nothing to anyone but you and you need to optimise your titles and use more effective titles which include the product name. It’s also valuable to incorporate your content into your title if you can, particularly effective in How-To and informational style posts include Top 5s and listicle style titles.

Adding the right tags and categories is also important for your SEO and getting your videos found. Add synonyms as well as original keywords so if your post is about mobile marketing you could include tag such as iPhone, Android, iOS, smartphone and anything else a potential customer may search for.

YouTube for Your Business

YouTube can work for businesses in all sectors and incorporating it into your business can make a huge difference to customer engagement and even conversion rates in the long run. See how Crush’s Web Development and Social Media Marketing can help your business. Contact Crush!

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