Why WordPress?

26th November 2014

WordPress is one of the world’s leading content management systems (CMS) and for many the best possible platform for building your website on. As an open-source CMS there are thousands of developers around the world working to improve and build upon what’s already there. There are over 7.5 million websites running on WordPress and below are some of the key reasons why it truly is your best website-building and management option.


WordPress has been designed to be simple, to be easy to use and user friendly. Many of the web servers out there are already able to support WordPress and installation can happen in the click of a single button. Anyone who can make edits to a word document can handle WordPress web page.


WordPress Themes are what convince many people it’s the choice for them. There are thousands of them and they are used to change the overall look of the site and different themes can be installed and customised, again in the click of a few buttons. There are so many different themes there is bound to be one which suits your business needs.

Rich Content

WordPress makes it very simple to add multimedia types to your website. You don’t have to suffer a text-only page and can add many different elements from photos to videos to embedded tweets and maps with a few simple clicks and through the use of WordPress plugins, which we’re talking about next.


It’s the WordPress Plugins which make it stand far out from the crowd when it comes to CMS. Functionality is maximised and goes beyond all you could have imagined with the huge range of plugins available. A plugin is simply a package of code which you can install onto your site and use it to add more functionality. Plugins are available for almost everything you can imagine.


If blogging is integral to your business website (and it should be) then WordPress has got to be your top option. It started out as a blogging platform and still hosts millions of blogs around the world. It is designed to allow for blogging with ease and to keep your website current and relevant, you simply have to be blogging.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress has been engineered to give you the best possible starting place when it comes to SEO. Matt Cutts at Google has mentioned WordPress for its ability to enable a site to rank well in search engine results. Why would you choose anything else if you’re looking to avoid reducing your site’s visibility?


Whether you need to update your existing website or you are looking to start from scratch, Crush Digital are experts when it comes to constructing a web presence to suit your needs. Crush can develop a bespoke design, or something more off the shelf, to help you achieve to your online goals.

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