Crush’s Custom CMS is Finished

23rd November 2010

Crush are proud to announce the release of version 2 of our custom built Content Management System (CMS). In keeping with our re-brand last month, version 1 – having served us faithfully for the last couple of years – has been put into retirement and all new websites under Crush will be based on version 2.

Version 2 – which we have yet to name (ideas welcome) – is easier and simpler to use then the old system. With clear form fields and information icons to explain what data goes where, the new CMS provides a much friendlier user experience.

Our Text Editor

As always, we prefer our custom CMS to any of the off-the-shelf packages on the market, and here are our top five reasons why.

  1. For those of us with a limited grasp on development speak and codes, off-the-shelf CMS packages are difficult to understand and the user-interface is often poorly designed. Our custom CMS has a simple, friendly user interface and is easy to operate.
  2. Popular CMS systems can become targets for hackers due to their source code being readily available. Our custom CMS is a highly secure system; no-one’s hacking into this baby. We know the tricks of the trade and go out of our way to prevent against even the most complex hacking techniques.
  3. Although many off-the-shelf systems offer a great deal of functionality they can also be extremely difficult to customise for your needs. This can be especially frustrating for those with a vision, who know how they want their site to look and work. Our custom CMS is designed to perform all the task you require with none of the constraints built into packaged systems.
  4. Off-the-shelf CMS systems grow old fast. As websites grow and users demand more from their CMS, off-the-self packages fail to adapt to this company expansion. Our custom CMS enables you to add additional functionality at anytime so it develops and grows alongside your company.

Most importantly, if you have a problem we can sort it for you straight away – there’s no voicemail, call centre diversions or automated answering system. We are real people who want to help our clients make the most out of their CMS and if it means fixing a problem at 5 pm on a Friday night, we’ll do it.

Standard corporate website, with simple text pages and set layout will often use off-the-shelf CMS, because it is easy, cheap and does what they need at a basic level. However, we like to give our clients that wow factor and for that you need a CMS with greater flexibility to do everything you want it to do. Our custom CMS is especially good for unusual designs, video thumbnails, downloads management, photo galleries, and the ability to create and manage links between images and other site aspects such as staff profiles.

The only thing we haven’t done is name our CMS. We have to confess, it’s had us all a bit stumped. So if you have a brilliant name for Version 2, we want to know. Tell us any way you want – shout it from the rooftops (or alternatively, post it on the blog, Facebook or Twitter) and the creative genius behind the winning name will receive a very nice bottle of wine.

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