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Engage with Customers: Create Loyalty & New Business

Are you engaging with your customers? When was the last time you contacted your existing clients and told them about a new product or service, bolt on to their account or a special offer? We know how hard it is … Continue reading

Snapchat revolution

Rise of the new app There is a new playground for social media users and it is a revolution.  By now we are all used to receiving, sending, and storing photos from our friends. But what to do if you … Continue reading

3D modeling explained

3D modeling is big all over the world. You will see it in everyday life, for instance if you are playing a video game on your console or computer, outside and on television. 3D modeling started back in the early … Continue reading

Google Plus vs Facebook for your company’s marketing

Small business owners are under a lot of pressure these days. The internet is a great leveler and it allows companies of any size to compete with each other. A bedroom coder can create a website that looks just as … Continue reading

Bitcoin, a financial revolution?

The Bitcoin was designed and developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008, although the specifics are shrouded in secrecy. It is thought the name is probably a pseudonym used by a group of people who were responsible for devising this new … Continue reading

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